StratHealth Pharma Sheds Light on Women’s Sexual Health at Women Wellness Event

StratHealth Pharma, a healthcare company affiliated with CCL Life Sciences, recently organized a women’s wellness event that focused on women’s sexual wellness and health. The event was held at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital in Dubai, UAE, and featured presentations by health experts, including Dr. Nadia Buhannad, a psychologist at the hospital, Dr. Manal Ibrahim, the head of obstetrics and gynecology at Gargash Hospital, and Chanda Lokendra, the CEO of Lizzom. The presentations covered topics such as female sexual dysfunctions, gynecological aging, and psychological aspects of women’s sexual health-related issues.
Dr. Manal Ibrahim stressed the importance of discussing sexual dysfunctions, which are more common in women than men, yet often go unaddressed. She encouraged women to seek help if they experience sexual dysfunction, as 30-60% of women may face this issue. Dr. Nadia Buhannad emphasized that sexual drive is about more than just sex; it’s also influenced by one’s thoughts, emotions, and lifestyle. She noted that there are many psychological reasons why some women may not have a high libido.
Chanda Lokendra shared insights on gynecological aging, stating that menopause, sexual dysfunction, and urinary incontinence are key issues associated with it. She emphasized the importance of taking care of one’s sexual and mental wellness and encouraged women to address these issues openly.
The event aimed to provide a holistic understanding of women’s sexual health and to help women feel good about themselves. Afrin Emamsha, the marketing manager for StratHealth Pharma, highlighted the importance of educating women about their sexual health and addressing issues that affect their well-being. The event was attended by key women wellness professionals, and while women’s sexual health is often regarded as a taboo topic, it is crucial for women to be educated and informed.