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Sky Medical Technology recognized as Most Innovative MedTech Company 2020

Sky Medical Technology Ltd, parent company of Firstkind Ltd, a UK-based medical devices company, recently announced that they have been recognized by the International Life Sciences Awards as the Most Innovative MedTech Company 2020.

Each year the International Life Sciences Awards recognise the most dedicated innovators within the life sciences industry and celebrates those who progress innovations in medicine, vaccinations, agriculture, infection control, water purification, medical technology and more.

This year more than ever, following the COVID-19 outbreak, the organizers of the awards were keen to celebrate those companies that are committed to creating innovations that can revolutionize their sectors and make a real difference in the battle against the pandemic.

Bernard Ross, Founder and CEO of Sky Medical Technology, said: “It’s wonderful to be recognized for innovation, through the impact that our technology, the geko™ device, is having in the treatment of a range of medical conditions. As we continue to face down this Covid-19 health crisis, it’s essential that clinicians across the health and life sciences sector can turn to medical device innovation to overcome these challenges.

“We aim to be innovative in every area of our business from our leading product, the geko™ device, to our manufacturing processes, our route to market via global distributors, and partnerships with clinicians across the globe. We’d like to thank the International Life Sciences Awards for recognizing our innovation in the sector.”