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Mullen Technologies manufactures portable ventilators to aid critical shortages around the world

Mullen Technologies has begun the manufacturing process for portable ventilators out of the Company’s high voltage battery R&D center in Monrovia, CA, in an effort to aid in the critical shortages hospitals around the world are currently facing.

Named after Oxygen’s atomic number in the periodic table. the Mullen 8 is designed to be a low cost, compact, highly reliable emergency use ventilator system. The unit can be economically mass-produced from readily available parts to distribute to hospitals, field hospitals and even military combat support hospitals.

“These units can be the difference between life and death for thousands of people that require immediate respiratory assistance at hospitals that are unable to meet critical patient demand,” says David Michery, CEO and Chairman of Mullen Technologies.

The Mullen 8 is portable and utilizes a low draw, high torque drive motor that can be adjusted between 6 and 12 respirations per minute. The primary use of the Mullen 8 is for emergency field operation or where larger respirators are not available. The device is powered by Mullen’s advanced battery technology which enables respiratory function for dozens of hours on a single charge, and can also be plugged into a traditional source of power.

“We are moving incredibly fast on this initiative and have a strong team working around the clock targeting the first set of full production units by the end of April 2020. We’ve also been able to leverage our advanced engineering team in Europe and the United States to finalize the design and testing and expect to begin manufacturing in record time. Our executive team has been focused on the product strategy, including regulatory requirements, procurement and logistics. We’ve dedicated 40,000 square feet of our R&D facility in Monrovia, California to produce this product and expect to have the line fully operational by the end of April, with a production rate beginning at 5,000-10,000 units per week. These units will be available for delivery by the end of May 2020”.

“The pricing for these devices is anticipated to be no more than $3,000 per unit. Our goal is to have an affordable, reliable option for hospitals to use when they need it. We can deliver 10 to 15 of these units for what a typical ventilator costs a hospital. We’re eager to help and are looking forward to getting these out to the hospitals and healthcare facilities that need them at the earliest,” says Mr. Michery.