MENTOR – When medical devices give you a life with wings back

The sweetness of happiness is not experienced except after suffering, for one does not truly cherish a cold sip of water except when the throat is parched, on a hot summer’s day in a desert and the lips quiver at the mere thought of a drop. One does not truly appreciate basking in the sunlight on a warm spring afternoon except after being deprived of light, locked away in a windowless room with walls painted with gloom. The mere thought of a glimmer brings a profound smile across the face as one imagines lying in fields lushly green, sunlight warm and comforting.

In spirit of this dear reader, how does one describe the pain of loss and suffering when one loses a part of their body?

An execution of the soul?

Asphyxiation of the personality?

It is a trauma beyond comprehension, for anxiety spreads across the plains of one’s heart like a vast desert and depression paints the walls of the heart with the color of despair. Breast cancer is a disease that extinguishes the femininity of a woman. Her breasts are removed to save her life, leaving her like a bird with its wings clipped. But what is life for a bird without wings one must wonder. Her femininity extinguished by a scalpel and her life, left in a flurry of chaos.
Understanding this sorrow and pain led to the birth of Mentor, which addresses the very issues that women with breast cancer experience. Mentor allows women to take back control by providing them with the opportunity of breast reconstruction. It is part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies that produces breast implants with science based innovation while maintaining the highest standards of design, testing & safety.

What is breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is a procedure which is performed in stages to rebuild the shape and feel of the breast. The decision is uniquely personal for every woman and therefore there is an availability of options, taking into consideration the sensitive nature of this decision. The procedure is designed and planned with the patient as the fulcrum, as it has to be tailored according to the needs, physiology and status of the patient. Usually patients return to normal activities within 6 to 8 weeks of the procedure. Immediate Breast Reconstruction (IBR)

This procedure takes place in tandem with the procedure that removes the breast tissue during mastectomy. As the general surgeon removes the breast, the plastic surgeon begins the reconstructive procedure and this is the preferred option for women with cancer in the early stage, that do not warrant additional therapies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Delayed Breast Reconstruction (DBR)

This procedure begins after complete recovery from the mastectomy. It allows for the treating physicians to provide you with optimal care before beginning the process of reconstructive surgery.


Mentor provides relief to patients who suffer an array of symptoms, both physical and psychological after a diagnosis of breast cancer. This relief comes in the form of a dawn of happiness that casts its rays upon the patient and the sweetness fills one’s breast with an overwhelming brightness. The fire that left scorched flesh and emotion is extinguished and a fertile mound now takes its place. Cold water for a parched throat, a sunrise for a prisoner in a dark dungeon.

Once more, spread your wings and soar.