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Medcare Orthopaedics and Spine Hospital Launches UAE’s First Integrated Cerebral Palsy Clinic

Dubai: MedcareOrthopaedics and Spine Hospital has launched the UAE’s first integrated cerebral palsy clinic, providing patients with multidisciplinary care to effectively manage their condition. Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders affecting a person’s movement and posture, caused by brain injury before, during, or after birth.
The Medcare CP clinic offers a customized approach to management as the cause and effect of cerebral palsy vary from patient to patient. The clinic provides patients with the tools and services necessary to successfully manage their disorder. The specialists and super specialists at the clinic provide integrative healthcare by experts from multiple disciplines at the same time, under one roof. Patients can now receive integrated care in one visit by as many as six different medical experts.
The Medcare Cerebral Palsy Clinic allows parents to book one appointment for their child for an interdisciplinary consultation involving multiple pediatric specialists, including a pediatric neurologist, neurosurgeon, pediatric orthopedic & spine surgeon, and expert physiotherapists. The clinic’s launch was made realizing that better resources and healthcare infrastructure is needed in the UAE to address cerebral palsy cases. The clinic’s specialists cumulatively design the best surgical or non-invasive management plans that focus on enhancing the quality of life of patients.