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Labelians to unveil new armchair for blood sampling

Labelians is set to exhibit for the 3rd time in the French Pavilion at MEDLAB Dubai. The teams will present full range of pre-analytical, sampling transport, molecular biology, liquid handling products, as well as the FMBIO5 Bioleader® armchair for blood sampling. 

 Conceived and designed by Labelians, the FMBIO5 bioleader® armchair for blood sampling is wide, robust and long-lasting. Its ergonomic upholstery and non-slip front cushion provide exceptional seating comfort. It can be equipped with a gynecological kit (paper roll holder, clamps, stainless steel stirrups) or a stainless steel tray. 

 The “gutter” armrests, which are very easy to adjust, guarantee that the forearm is kept in a comfortable position. Available in 30 colors, the chair features a headrest that can be customized with the logo of the purchasing laboratory or establishment. 

 Labelians is one of the most prominent players in the laboratory world and the leader in the distribution of   disposables, furniture and services for medical biology laboratories in France. CML-ID is a French independent patrimonial holding company, specialized since 1971 in developing, manufacturing and distributing medical devices, disposables, equipments and services for the Laboratory. The Group’s aims to strengthen its complementarity value chain between customers, service providers and employees. 

 The Group has its own production plant unit, CEB (based west of Paris), which has expertise in designing and manufacturing: Medical Devices (MD) and Devices for In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) using thermoplastic injection molding; blow-molded High Density Polyethylene bottles; Glass Pasteur pipettes; Original equipment for OEMs. 

 Since the beginning of 2018, LABELIANS has been represented locally in Dubai. It has developed a partnership with one of the biggest players in the laboratory and medical sector in the Middle East.