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Iberia to give Covid-19 antibody tests to all employees

Iberia is to implement a special Covid-19 health plan, designed in collaboration with the Quirónsalud health care firm and employee representatives. The aim is to give all employees the most robust possible protection against the virus.

The plan calls for blood test to detect Covid-19 antibodies in employees returning to on-site work following furloughs, as well as disinfection of all workplaces, the use of PPE and other hygiene measures, teleworking wherever possible, etc.

In May alone, antibody tests performed on some 2,500 Iberia employees working in the airport and in aircraft maintenance, as well as cockpit and cabin crews. In the course of the year, the entire staff of nearly 17,000 people can be tested.

Testing, which is voluntary for employees, will be performed when they return to work after furloughs, and again 15 and 30 days later.

The tests will be carried out in Iberia health stations and on Quirónsalud premises.

PCR test, which detect current Covid-19 infections, will be performed on employees returning to work after sick leave with the virus. It will also be available for employees who have worked closely with others who have tested positive.

The company is also considering the installation of thermal cameras to screen employees for fever, among other measures.

Earlier measures Iberia has taken since the outbreak of the pandemic include:

–    New and more aggressive protocols for cleaning and sanitising aircraft, all installations, work stations toilets, all areas where people gather, and equipment.

–    Consciousness-raising campaigns to encourage hand-washing, social distancing, the use of PPE, and all other prevention measures recommended by health authorities.

–    Issuing PPE to employees.

–    Wider use of tele-working, tele-training, videoconferences, staggered entrance and leaving times when possible, redistribution of space, signage, physical barriers, etc.