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Healthvarsity Launches as the GCC’s Premier Online Medical Education Platform

Dubai: Healthvarsity LLC, the largest online learning platform for healthcare professionals in the GCC region, has been launched in Dubai. The platform, which utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology, aims to enhance the careers of healthcare professionals by providing access to well-defined programs. Founded by Dr. Thumbay Moideen, the platform offers over 200 courses, which can be paid for using cryptocurrency.
Healthvarsity seeks to expand the reach and accessibility of educational programs catering to doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and aspiring medical students. The platform plans to introduce AI-based features such as a Virtual Instructor, Virtual Mentor, and Virtual Assessor in the future.
At the official launch ceremony held at the Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai, Dr. Moideen introduced the platform to 200 stakeholders and guests. Distinguished guests included Dr. Richard Grose, Dean for Global Engagement and Professor of Cancer Cell Biology at Queen Mary University of London, and Mrs. Wendy Palmer, Director of Global Studio at Deakin University, Australia. These experts were part of an international panel that contributed to the development of the platform’s audio-visual courses and curriculum.
Dr. Moideen emphasized that Healthvarsity embodies an engaging and interactive learning experience, catering to the evolving healthcare landscape. The platform aims to foster better career outcomes through the utilization of the latest technologies.
Healthvarsity courses are available in English for users at different levels of education and professional experience. The platform offers diploma courses, advanced certificate courses, master classes, and self-study programs. Upon course completion, learners receive blockchain-based certificates to ensure security and authenticity.
The platform offers various course styles, including recorded webinars, guided tours, case studies, test preparation, demonstrations, and leaders’ insights. Mrs. Wendy Palmer expressed pride in partnering with Healthvarsity, highlighting the platform’s accessibility and its potential to bring together renowned academics worldwide for research, innovation, education, and collaboration.
Healthvarsity employs a robust and forward-looking economic model for fee structures and revenue generation. Through partnerships with local banks and payment gateways, the platform offers flexible payment methods, such as “Learn now and pay later,” to enhance accessibility and sustainability in healthcare education.
Dr. Richard Grose expressed excitement about collaborating with Healthvarsity to equip healthcare professionals with essential skills for improved career outcomes. He emphasized the increasing popularity of online learning and the importance of partnerships with medical education and research pioneers to deliver transformative and relevant learning experiences.
The panel responsible for designing Healthvarsity’s courses and curriculum included experts from renowned institutions worldwide, including the University of Arizona, Medi-AI, Skills for Health (UK), and Gulf Medical University (UAE), among others.
Healthvarsity, headquartered in Ireland, aims to make healthcare education accessible and beneficial to people globally. Thumbay Group, founded by Dr. Thumbay Moideen, is a diversified international conglomerate with operations spanning education, healthcare, research, hospitality, and more. With its launch, Healthvarsity is poised to revolutionize medical education in the GCC region and beyond, offering healthcare professionals the opportunity to advance their careers through flexible and cutting-edge online learning experiences.