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Glamour Care Clinics: Crafting Healthcare with Excellence

From a modest beginning over a decade ago to being the first 5-star clinic in the region, Glamour Care Clinics has traversed a long way under the leadership of Mr. Mahran Ashour, fondly known as Mahran Ashour, a famous healthcare business consultant and founder of Glamour Care Clinics. Apart from being a successful businessman, Mr. Ashour is a profound speaker and advisor on how to manage and improve healthcare business. With more than 10 years of being the industry leader, he has talked on various healthcare related topics at esteemed institutions like IMCAS Paris, AMWC Monte-Carlo, EADV Europe, American Academy in USA, FACE London, MEIDAM Dubai, Dubai Derma, AIDA Abu Dhabi and many more.With so much going on in the beauty world, Mr. Ashour shares his idea of forming the beauty clinic and his aim to brand Glamour Care Clinic among the topmost establishments in the Gulf and Middle East regions by end of this year…

Since its inception, Glamour Care Clinics has made an impressive mark in the healthcare world, can you share your experiences and challenges along the way?

I can never forget the day I made a decision to relocate to Dubai, my journey into the healthcare world and how I commenced my clinic in the UAE! Everything was new for me, the culture, experiences and work system here. It was difficult in the beginning, but things started to turn in my favor as I grew my business. After having studied hospitality and tourism management from Cairo and working for Methodist International USA, I decided to study further and enrolled for a degree in Healthcare Control, and that’s how I landed in Dubai. My first job was at EMAAR, a healthcare group in Dubai Mall, where I got the opportunity to lead an outpatient team. After gaining certificates and training courses, I established M.A. (Mahran Ashour) Healthcare Management Consultancy, managi ng business improvement of clinics and advising start-ups. Along the way, I managed to change the commercial enterprise fashions of many clinics, worldwide.

I believe that success leads you to greater responsibility, thus, creating an entire business from the scratch in this niche market, was a huge challenge in itself, particularly since its associated with people’s lives. At Glamour Care Clinic we work hard to nurture a strong and positive ecosystem, along with building trust and long-term relations with our clients. With a decade of experience in the industry, we have the right methods and capabilities to offer best healthcare solutions to our customers.

According to you, how has the UAE healthcare sectorevolvedoverthe decades?

UAE has a comprehensive healthcare service system that has been rapidly developing and delivering high standard of healthcare facilities.Every now and then there’s something new is happening. It’s because the system here is amazing! But I guess that there’s always a space for improvement. When you consider a sprawling metropolitan like Dubai, people are always on a hunt for new ways to look good and improvise with cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. And that when Glamour Care Clinics comes into the picture. In addition, with infrastructure of hospitals and clinics in Dubai being regularly monitored by the government, the treatment done here are accurate and trustworthy with the best trained medical doctors in this region. The Urban Center Government and Dubai Health Authority are investing and developing the healthcare sector by organizing medical conferences worldwide and Glamour Care Clinics is part of this strategy.

What is the USP of your clinic that sets you apart fromyourcompetitors?

I believe that there are numerous aesthetic and cosmetic clinics in town and the competition is very high.

We at Glamour Care Clinics have a distinctive combination of elite doctors, right management, excellent quality of service and ideal location that can compete with the largest aesthetic and cosmetic entities within the region by providing authentic and a value for money services.

We always try to introduce new concepts and have the best medical devices that are all FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) approved. In fact, we are one of the four clinics within the MENA to have procured Picosure – the foremost most expensive laser device in the world, worth over AED1.3million, hence putting us ahead of the competition.

Glamour Care Clinics has made a name for itself in relatively short period of time. With an experience of a 5-star hotel and a plethora of excellent services like dermatology, dental, plastic surgery, diet and nutrition, laser and cosmetics and general surgery and more, Glamour Care Clinic is a one-stop solution for everyday healthcare.

Some of USPincludes:

We Put ourselves inourcustomer’sshoes We Know what motivatesourcustomers

We are clearandtransparent toallourclients

We don’ t call them patients, they are clients or customers

We make a familyenvironment (feel safe, feelhome)

Glamour Care Clinics aims to become top ten aesthetic and cosmetic surgery centers in UAE, how do you plan to achieve this? What are your future expansion plans?

Well during the twelve years as a business consultant and expert in healthcare, I always wanted to create an environment for medical aesthetic and cosmetic clients that exuded comfort and trust; and also offered a level of aftercare service like no other. We are the first clinic in the region to offer 5 star services. And what makes us more special and stand out from others, is our professionals’ reputations. I’m very proud to say that we employ the best of the doctors and our service standard keeps us ahead of the competition.

In terms of futuristic growth, we will never cease to stop expanding and working towards a better future growth and strategies. Our goal is to be one of the top 10 clinics in the region this year and to achieve that goal, we are working hard to craft our own range of products and be the best service provider.

How do you attract the most talented professionals to work at Glamour Care Clinics?

By understanding the market and being close to the professionals for more than 12 years, gives me a good evaluation for most of the professionals working in the country. Our strategy is to only contract high profile and highly qualified doctors. Doctors in Dubai are not only looking for income (money), they are looking for stability, professionalism and a peace of mind working environment, which is all available at Glamour Care Clinics. Now we are at a stage, where doctors are approaching us to work and offer their services at Glamour Care Clinics.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received on entering the industry, that you wouldpassontoothers?

I can’t express in words how much I admire H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, and his inspiring words: “The word impossible is not in the dictionary of a true leader. No matter how big the challenges, strong faith, determination and resolve will overcome them.”In fact the first thing one notices at Glamour Care Clinics is Sheikh Mohammed’s picture. It’s a reminder for me, to learn from him every day and pass it to anyone, the dreamers or the leaders. Sometimes I wonder why we don’t have a forum for all nation leaders and decision makers to learn from brilliant minds like him on how to create a better world.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is to see how successful my brand has become. I feel so happy educating and helping doctors and business owners around the world to build a better future.

Honestly, there are no secrets to being successful. Just work hard and you will be rewarded. One has to work for it, blood, sweat and tears. As cliché as it sounds – love what you do to get what you love.

Describe a typical working week for a healthcare General Manager position?

Being on top of all the operational aspects is a very critical position to do, because you have to make every decision, and the challenge is to make it all right. Definitely this may affect your personal life and your health life, but you still need to do it.

What is yoursecret formulatosuccess?

Honestly, there are no secrets to being successful. Just work hard and you will be rewarded.One has to work for it, blood, sweat and tears. As cliché as it sounds – love what you do to get what you love.

Where do you see your career in 10 years’ time?

I would like to see myself as the CEO of one of the biggest healthcare entities in the world in ten years down the line..and also to see Glamour Care Clinic among the topmost establishments in the region.

Do you think Corona Virus will have adverse effect on industry and how prepared is UAE to tackle this threat?

Yes, it will definitely affect the healthcare business! Coronavirus has spread far beyond China, impacting all the sectors and businesses around the globe, including healthcare. It’s a global catastrophe which has taken its toll on not only the world economy but also the human life.Let’s wait and watch and hopefully things will be better soon! The dedication and contribution of UAE leadership, Dubai Government, DHA, Dubai Police, Dubai Ambulance Authority and Dubai Municipality in tackling with the pandemic is worth saluting.