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Ethicon to change the way medtech companies bring new solutions to healthcare partners

Ethicon, the Johnson & Johnson MedTech company, has partnered with Roadshow Promotions to help change the way medtech companies bring new solutions to healthcare partners.

Roadshow Promotions has created a bespoke double decker bus to take Ethicon’s surgical technologies on a tour of the country.

Starting the tour in Glasgow and calling at Hospital Trusts across the UK, the bus has been fitted with surgical demonstration stations, meeting spaces and interactive information screens to help showcase the latest surgical technologies.

The double decker bus interior was transformed, with displays of the range of surgical tools on the lower deck and three surgical demonstration stations complete with anatomical mannequins.

The bus featured a meeting space, nine interactive information screens, a complete internal and external sound system.

The four-month tour has allowed clinicians and clinical support workers to see and train with the new products and learn more about what Ethicon has to offer, from right outside their hospital.

Professor Mahmoud Loubani, consultant cardiothoracic surgeon and director of surgical skills at Hull University Teaching Hospitals said: “It’s remarkable how they’ve managed to fit in so many modules in such a small space. It showcases a lot of the facilities available for our trainees to improve their surgical skills. I’d like to have the bus here all the time.”