Product update

Aster brings together one-doctor clinic inside retail pharmacy with Aster Xpress

Aster DM Healthcare, has announced the launch of Aster Xpress, a novel concept which brings together a one-doctor clinic inside a retail pharmacy which will help patients with general ailments and primary health needs seek instant medical care and receive the medication within the least possible time. Introduced specially for the residents of The Expo 2020 Village, Aster Xpress would provide örst aid, effective triaging and basic diagnostics for general medical needs as well as cater to health & wellness requirement of Expo visitors and residents of Expo Village.

Patients can be referred to larger facilities with specialized doctors as required. With new communities merging across Dubai which are fast becoming popular as a preferred location for UAE residents and visitors, Aster Xpress is all set to tackle the need for easily accessible and affordable quality health care in new neighborhoods and far areas where healthcare providers are not yet available. Commenting on the launch of Aster Xpress, Dr. Sherbaz Bichu, Chief Executive Officer, Aster Hospitals & Clinics said, “The introduction of Aster Xpress is in alignment with our Group objective to make quality primary care services easily available at the doorsteps of people and address the challenges of access to quality care for residents in the far-øung areas of UAE. We have often noticed that due to the inconvenience of traveling long distance to avail medical services, people often delay seeking care for minor ailments till it gets aggravated, causing much suffering, which can easily be avoided if proper medical care is sought in the early stages, this challenge also induces financial burden on individuals and insurance coverage providers. Aster Xpress aims to curtail such issues and is indeed a paradigm shift from illness
to wellness”

Speaking at the launch of Aster Xpress, Mr. N S Balasubramanian, Chief Executive Officer, Aster Pharmacy said, “We have strived to make the concept seamless by creating a virtual check-in and appointment booking, consultation and dispensing medication in 3 easy steps. One can even seek teleconsultation with the doctor to report their symptoms and the prescription medicines can be delivered at their doorsteps. Similarly, if your child sprains his or her ankle or you need relief from an itchy throat or a nagging cough, you can just walk into any Aster Xpress and get the medical care you need for minor general ailments like cough & cold, sore throat, body ache etc.” Aster Xpress brings together pharmacy and clinic services into a single format under which a patient can quickly consult a doctor to seek help with routine health issues or even seek advice on nutrition and wellness, before purchasing the required medication and wellness products at the pharmacy. In addition to medication, the pharmacy section will stock wellness products like Nutritional supplements, skincare, haircare, medical devices, baby products, weight management products and many more.

Aster Xpress will follow extended working hours thus enabling patients to get convenient treatment for routine issues and minor emergencies. In case, a more advanced consultation is required, a referral can easily be created to the large range of specialists available within the wide network of Aster Clinics and Hospitals across the UAE.