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Al Zahra Hospital Dubai paves the way for precision medicine in the UAE

Magnetom Vida 64 XT, the new high-end 3 Tesla MRI scanner with BioMatrix technology from Siemens Healthineers, will be launched to the public in Dubai before the end of 2019 where the first system in the UAE is being installed at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai (AZHD). Magnetom Vida 64 XT is the first scanner equipped with BioMatrix, a brand-new artificially intelligent system that adapts itself automatically to the human anatomical and physiological bio-variations and characteristics with sensors, tuners and auto-correction to give high quality images even with motion, respiration or critical patient status. The new technology allows users to meet the growing demand for MR imaging in Dubai and the UAE, perform the full range of routine as well as complex examinations and deliver robust results for every patient.

Commenting on the new MRI system, Dr Mohaymen Abdelghany, Chief Executive at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai explained that high-precision imaging means that radiologist scan deliver essential and robust information to physicians to choose the right treatment for each patient every time. “AZHD continues to invest in new technologies and is a pioneer introducing them to the UAE healthcare sector. In collaboration with Siemnes Healthineers, our long term partner, we play an important role in taking Dubai’s healthcare forward in the development of precision medicine with the introduction of the new Magnetom Vida 3T 64 XT MRI system.”

Dr Mohaymen further added, “The disruptive Bio Matrix technology will help our patients achieve fewer rescans, predictable scheduling, and consistent, high quality personalized examination results. With Magnetom Vida 3T 64 XT MRI, AZHD will not only be able to serve patient groups that were previously deemed unsuitable for MRI due to issues such as cardiac arrhythmias, excess weight, or health problems that prevent them from actively supporting the scans, this will advance our Fast Track – Same Day MRI Report Service.”

Dr Osama Zamzami, Head of Medical Imaging at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai said that the new Magnetom Vida 64 XT MRI system makes MR imaging more robust and more precise, irrespective of inherent patient variability emphasizing that it also has another major advantage. “We can examine sick patients faster. For example the post-processing times of liver studies can be reduced from twenty to just four minutes and similarly the measurement times for musculoskeletal, prostate and many other body parts imaging are much reduced compared to previous MRI systems“. Dr Zamzami enthused. “The scanner offers the highest degree of patient comfort with the performance of a research system, which speeds up our workflows. What is more, it does so with significantly improved image quality. With the launch of this latest MRI, we will be helping the healthcare community overcome the current challenges in MR imaging – the increasing volume of examinations and the complexity of the scans.”