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40% of UAE men state they are determined to lose weight (Allurion)

Weight stigma is pervasive amongst the population dealing with obesity, and contributes to both physical and emotional health problems in those affected. Allurion found in their June 2022 research survey* that men’s health may be more compromised by this stigma in the UAE. The survey reported that half of the male population define themselves as overweight, with 40% intending to lose weight over the next 12 months. The report further stated that only 23% of men have open conversations about their health and weight concerns with a medical professional. With the stigma around weight loss and men having to deal with existing gender stereotypes, the journey to being a healthier version of themselves gets a lot harder.

Weight management, loss and obesity are issues often associated with women, as there is a tendency to think that the problem is much worse for them as opposed to men due to social narratives. However, while men in the UAE recognize being overweight, they often dismiss it due to various reasons, one of which is not considering excess body weight a health issue. The survey also sheds light on a lesser-known, yet significant barrier for men, which is the feeling of shame associated with speaking about their weight with a professional.

For Allurion, weight loss and management are important to all affected, irrespective of gender. With 59% of men willing to talk about their weight issues with their peers, compared to 68% of women, Allurion highlights the need to create a healthy space for men which helps them tackle their weight loss issues successfully.

With the mission to end obesity worldwide, the Allurion Program continues to change the approach to weight loss by having conversations that contribute to destigmatizing the issue and providing a full-stack, holistic solution that reinforces that no weight loss program is a magic bullet. Long-term success can be achieved with a combination of science and healthcare.