Wonder: One and Only aesthetic muscle building and fat burning technology

Our muscle increase and fat burning technology has been used in elite sports in more than 60 countries. Several world champions, national teams, and prestigious athletes use this technique to burn off unnecessary fat and build muscles in record time. Wonder works at the same time on the six most important muscle groups and increases strength, endurance and balance throughout the body” says, Alexander Pérez Roldan (CEO of Lexter Microelectronic)

The global medical aesthetic devices market was valued at $11, 945.23 million in 2020, and it is estimated to reach a revenue of $23,168.32 million i n 2026 , with a CAGR of 11.08% over the forecast period, according to Mordor Intelligence.

The cosmetic and aesthetic devices manufacturers had to shut down the production and supply units due to the lockdown that was imposed in the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak, globally. According to a survey by Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance, conducted in March 2020, with 1,360 cosmetic practitioners in the United Kingdom to assess the impact of the pandemic on cosmetic procedures, stated that 99.78% of practitioners revealed that their practice had been affected during the current pandemic.

As per the research article published in Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery (September 2020), airborne contaminants are associated with certain lasers, such as ablative fractional lasers and high-peak- power ultrashort-pulsed lasers, such as nano- and picosecond lasers. Also, devices, such as excimer lamp and skin-tightening devices, have probes that come in close contact with the skin, and the risk of transmission of SARS-CoV2 virus is high. Thus, COVID-19 has highly impacted the m edical aesthetic devices market worldwide. However, the situation is gradually improving.

Certain factors that are driving the market growth include increasing obese population, increasing awareness regarding aesthetic procedures, rising adoption of minimally invasive devices, and technological advancement in devices.

Wonder is the first and only aesthetic equipment that combines Focused Electromagnetic emission and Selective High Intensity Neurostimulation. This groundbreaking innovation allows building muscles and removing excess fat in just a few sessions. A treatment session with the Wonder powerful technology is equivalent to several hours of physical training.

Alexander Pérez Roldan, senior Industrial engineer, creator of devices for aesthetic market. Founder and CEO of Lexter Microelectronic, manufacturer of Wonder technology devices for fast muscle creation and fat burning procedures tells us in detail about the features of their new aesthetic muscle- building technology Wonder.

Can you tell us in detail about your aesthetic muscle building technology?

Wonder is the first and only aesthetic equipment that combines Focused Electromagnetic emission and Selective High Intensity Neurostimulation. It was launched in the fall of 2019 and is already present in 34 countries, where numerous prestigious professionals have chosen it to respond to the growing need for Body re-shaping treatments without surgery or pain.

Our muscle increase and fat burning technology has been used in elite sports in more than 60 countries. Thousands of world champions, national teams, and prestigious athletes use this technique to burn off unnecessary fat and build muscles in record time. Wonder works at the same time on the buttocks, abdomen and legs and increases strength, endurance and balance throughout the body.

All scientific studies claim muscle mass as a marker of health at the level of blood pressure and heart rate. It is important to keep our muscles at 100% if we want to lead a full and active life, how we will live our best years depends on us. With Wonder Technology it is already possible to develop our muscles without having to spend long hours in the gym or subject ourselves to exhaustive fitness sessions.

Describe its electromagnetic emission and selective High Intensity Neurostimulation effect?

We are the creators of the ‘Aesthetic Bodybuilding’ concept, as well as the ‘Wonder Clinic Workout’ that are based on offering an alternative to physical exercise. It is no longer mandatory to visit the gym every day if we want to be muscular. With our innovative technology, in a closed, hygienic and discreet environment we can obtain the same results.

Aesthetic Bodybuilding is the new aesthetic treatment that has revolutionized the aesthetic world. We no longer waste time and money trying to eliminate localized fat. Finally we have understood that fat is simply energy, and it is enough to burn it, using it to create what really makes us healthier and more beautiful: muscle.

Wonder bases its operation on the combination of two proven technologies: electro magnetic waves and neuromuscular emissions.
The Electromagnetic and Electrical Muscle Stimulation treatment with Wonder is based on the imitation of the signals that our brain sends to the muscles. During traditional physical exercise, the brain sends impulses, stimulating muscles that are already able to contract. However, muscles with a less developed connection to the brain do not contract or develop as quickly.

What made you come up with a device like this?

Our company i s run by engineers specialized in technologies for the elite department.

For many years we have helped national teams, world champions and top athletes to get rid of unwanted fat and improve their physical abilities.

Suddenly, in the summer of 2019, while we were working in collaboration with the prestigious UFC, a demand arose for a version of our equipment for the aesthetic sector, and we got down to work to offer the beauty market a solution to the problems of overweight, tissue sagging, flaccidity, cellulite, etc … in this way we launched Wonder, which is the aesthetic version of elite sports technologies.

We have brought our elite sport technology to the aesthetic world, and called it “Aesthetic Bodybuilding”. One session is equivalent to several hours of conventional training, rapidly producing the following results:

  • Buttock lift.
  • Arm toning.
  • Leg reinforcement
  • Burns fat in the abdomen.
  • Skin improvement.
  • Immediate increase in strength and endurance.

It is considered that a session with Wonder Medical is equivalent to 3 hours of intense physical training and not only does it retract the tissue, it also gains strength, endurance, balance and in general, health. In addition, it generates a combined energy field: electromagnetic (it makes muscle fibers vibrate) and neuromuscular (it makes muscle contract) since muscle fibers contract up to 52,000 times during a typical 25-minute session, all easily, quickly and completely safely.

How does Wonder work?

Wonder causes thousands of strong and deep muscle contractions using electromagnetic and neuromuscular impulses. Sounds complicated? It’s very simple.
Our Spanish-made device is characterized by safety, efficacy and ease of use. It is

manufactured according to the latest advances in microelectronics and computer technology.

The impulses are generated by the device and conducted through electromagnetic panels and sensors to the surface of the skin above the muscles to be stimulated. The impulses cause the muscles to contract, so the result is similar to actual movement and regular muscle contractions.

Wonder has the power resulting from the novel combination of localized electromagnetic and neuromuscular emissions that produce thousands of powerful and deep muscular contractions, tightening the skin in a mechanical and natural way. The treatment is fast and acts at multiple depths of the tissue to achieve superior clinical results and have been scientifically proven in terms of their regenerative properties of the muscular system. This process of radical creation of muscle mass also creates new blood capillaries and thanks to this, both elastin and collagen are regenerated. The result? A rejuvenated and attractive musculature, a firmer, fresher-looking skin with a considerable reduction of sagging appearance and wrinkles. These changes are normally visible from the second week.

Do you have any plans for expanding in the UAE?

The Emirati market is of vital importance for all European companies in the beauty sector. We consider Dubai one of the world capital of the aesthetic medicine industry. It is a convergence point where image professionals from all over the world meet.

In Dubai we have recently opened our delegation, made up of specialists with years of experience in the sector and who are in charge of making deliveries, giving training courses, which in our case have no time limit or participants, and always offer an excellent after sales service.

We have the enormous privilege of having collaborators of enormous value at the head of our team in Dubai: Mr. Sanjeev Setia and Mrs . Julia Belia n s k a i a , professionals of great prestige in the sector.

Our goal is that all prestigious aesthetic clinics i n t h e UA E can offer the revolutionary Wonder procedure to increase muscle mass.

What makes wonder different from other muscle toning devices in the market?

Most of the rest of the technologies still continue trying to eliminate fat by cooling it, heating it, mobilizing it, and making it react with different products. We do not believe in the elimination of fat, we burn it!

Wonder is the most powerful cosmetic device for building muscle and burning fat. The double action of magnetic and neuromuscular stimulation stimulates the CORE muscles (abdomen, adductors, buttocks, obliques and legs) and develops connections with the motor nerves.

Any plans on releasing more devices in the future?

Now that we are coming out of the period of isolation due to COVID-19, and we are faced with an unusual demand for body treatments, the need to move to another level is imposed: the time for Aesthetic Bodybuilding has come.

The aesthetic sector has become the safety valve in an age of travel restrictions and widespread fear.

The visit to the aesthetic center is no longer a mandatory step to solve problems (unwanted hair, localized fat, tired legs, etc.). Now the visit to the aesthetic center is a substitute for physical exercise thanks to the revolutionary Aesthetic Bodybuilding treatments.

Your website claims that you ‘Stand out from your competitors with a revolutionary technology’. Can you elaborate on this?

Our technology really has no competitors. Most of the existing equipment on the market continues to focus on eliminating only small accumulations of fat in certain areas of the body.

Wonder does the opposite: it burns whole body fat at the same time, turning it into new and better muscle fibers.

Wonder also aids in skin tightening. Cellulite, stretch marks or sagging skin are visibly reduced due to the large increase in vascularization of the connective tissue. It makes you lose accumulated fat by radically building muscle. Boosts calorie consumption and promotes rapid fat loss. Unlike regular exercise, you start to see results in 2 to 4 weeks.

With technology like this in the market, what do you think could the future hold for aesthetic muscle building industry?

We are at war. In war against atrophy, against the loss of muscle that attacks the vast majority of humans. We are in war against the lack of physical exercise, against the excess of fat mass that affects our organism and causes us health complications, both physical and mental.

Having a muscular body is not just about being an attractive person. It is to demonstrate discipline and neatness. Having a muscular body demonstrates self-confidence and security. It means being a successful person.

Our exclusive aesthetic body building technology is undoubtedly going to become a must-have routine for anyone who doesn’t have the time or the will to play sports. Wonder is the alternative to physical exercise in the modern world.