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Updating Health Indicators Outcome

In turn, Dr. Hussein Al Rand, Assistant Undersecretary for Health Centers and Clinics at the Ministry Health and Prevention, lauded the efficiency and efforts exerted by the Supreme Committee for the National Health Survey and the supporting committees. He also thanked all who have contributed to the success of this survey, including the government and private authorities, and the families.

He underlined that the successful completion of this survey contributes to updating the population health database, measuring health performance indicators in accordance with the highest global standards in statistical quality, fostering the health database for decision-making and enacting health policies, measuring the initiatives and health programmes outcomes launched by MoHAP.

Additionally, the survey showcases to what extent the response of the individuals and their future expectations, within the framework of accomplishing MoHAP’s strategy aiming to provide comprehensive and integrated healthcare services in innovative and sustainable ways to prevent the spread of diseases in the community.

During the briefing, Al Rand unveiled the survey’s objectives, mechanism and criteria, in addition to its official detailed results, their impact on the Sustainable Development Goals, comparing 2017-2018 survey results to 2010 results and outlining plans and strategies to be adopted by the Ministry of Health to improve health outcomes.