Turkish Cargo braces for more pharma hauls with Istanbul New Airport’s opening.

The company also as climate-controlled storage units constantly monitored for temperature and humidity levels using an online tracking system. At its hub at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, Turkish Cargo has 9 cold rooms of +2°/C +8° C, 9 cool rooms of +15°C/ +25°C, 7 cold rooms of 0°C/+4°C and 4 rooms for freezers -15°C/- 20°C.

Carrying pharmaceutical products proved to be Cone of the biggest earners for Turkish Cargo and one of its most rewarding tasks with its high impact on people’s health on a global scale.

And this task of handling time and temperature-sensitive vaccines, medicines, raw materials for pharma products, plasma, sera, biochem, bio-tech and other medical materials, is projected to get even bigger with the opening of the ultra-modern Istanbul New Airport on October 29, 2018, as it offers better state-of-the-art facilities.

With carefully crafted rules and process in place in handling pharma products, Turkish Cargo has successfully established itself as a trusted brand in the pharma transportation market.

Turkish Airlines Deputy Chairman and CEO Bilal Eksi says the company has pr udently invested in pharmaceutical transportation and e-commerce over the years with high hopes for good returns.

“Maintaining our success is important. Turkish Cargo has taken many steps set itself apart from the other carriers in special cargo areas, and this accomplishment required expertise. In the near future, we’ll hear our brand’s name mentioned more and more on the global stage, stemming from our investments in pharma-ceutical transportation and electronic commerce. I am confident that these new developments will increase our unit revenues,” Eksi was quoted as saying in Turkish Cargo newsletter.

Istanbul New Airport

Turkey’s Istanbul New Airport, touted as the biggest in the world with annual capacity of 200 million passengers once fully completed, boasts of a cargo/logistics center measuring 1.4 million sq. meters.

The center is designed to handle up to 2.5 million tons a year on its first phase and up to 5.5 million tons annually in its second and third phases. It can accommodate more than 30 wide body aircraft at its dock simultaneously with parking positions in front of warehouses using air side service tunnels to avoid congestion.

Pharmaceutical goods which are easily susceptible to decay, deterioration and decomposition if exposed to adverse temperature, humidity and other unfavorable environmental conditions are assured of protection at the new airport with temperature controlled facilities and experts who are well trained to handle them.

As planned, Turkish Cargo will continue all of its cargo operations from Istanbul Atatürk Airport until December 31, 2018. Henceforth, all belly hold cargo will be shipped to Istanbul New Airport with continuing transition.

“Our new hub in Istanbul, the logistics center of the world, with the completion of the new airport will allow us to serve our clients even better than previously with its 165,000 m² usage area,” Turkish Cargo said in a statement.

“We are designing higher quality and more efficient processes with diversified special cargo areas allowing for differentiated services for product groups. Our Mega Hub will be the air cargo terminal to integrate artificial intelligence into the operational process once the PCHS and ASRS systems are fully installed. With investments and our ever-growing fleet, we’re taking confident steps towards our goal of becoming one of the top 5 brands in the air cargo industry,” it added.

Quality Standards

With unparalleled advantage of access to more than 300 destinations in 124 countries thanks to Turkish Airlines’ wide network and modern fleet combined with its own freighter fleet, Turkish Cargo is able to deliver pharmaceuticals to any parts of the world fast and efficiently.

The company also keeps on investing on people and equipment to upgrade its standards and serve better customers who demand quality service. It has successfully built a system to serve the pharma niche market with staff that have international training in accordance with standards set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in addition to various certification programs.

The biggest pharmaceutical companies in Europe and Asia heavily rely on Turkish Cargo to efficiently transport raw materials they need and their end-products.

And they have made the right choice. Turkish Cargo is equipped with high quality standard facilities designed for pharma products. It also provides special equipment like thermal blankets, etc., for temperature sensitive cargo containing health products.

The company also has climate-controlled storage units constantly monitored for temperature and humidity levels using an online tracking system. At its hub at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, Turkish Cargo has 9 cold rooms of +2°/C +8° C, 9 cool rooms of +15°C/ +25°C, 7 cold rooms of 0°C/+4°C and 4 rooms for freezers -15°C/- 20°C.

Turkish Cargo says all of its people are trained to quickly act on problems that may occur in transporting pharmaceuticals, giving customers assurance of their expertise in handling such type of cargo.

“All personnel are made aware of the severity and importance of the problems possible to occur in such transports,” the company says.

“In the transportation process of consignments that are extremely impor tant for health and extremely temperature- and time-critical, such as pharma-ceuticals, vaccines, biotechnological products, diagnostic samples, precision healthcare devices, organs, tissues, etc., Turkish Cargo acts extremely cautiously to preserve the integrity of the cold chain and the products, and gives the utmost priority to this issue.”

Pharma Product Specification
Cool(+15°C/+25°C), cold (0°C/+4°C), cold (+2°C/+8°C) , frozen (-15°C/-20°C) temperature controlled storage rooms available*
 Warehouses are equipped with automated temperature control systems
 Prioritize acceptance gate for your pharmaceutical shipments
 Thermal Blankets option available**
 Temperature controlled transit trucking service for pharmaceuticals
 Prioritized loading & un-loading
 Highly trained staff
 Protection from extreme temperatures and weather conditions
 Easy and faster online booking availability
Proactive communication Can be combined with TKPlus for expedited service
Active temperature controlled container possible***