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Slovenia striving to become a world destination for wellness

The Slovenian Tourist Board is striving to becoming the world’s best destination for wellness through a number of ongoing initiatives that promote the country’s thermal spas, medical clinics, pristine nature, organic produce and cuisine, and commitment to Green, Active and Healthy tourism all based on sustainable precepts. Slovenia has been short listed as one of four finalists in the ‘Best in Wellness’ category of the International Travel & Tourism Awards, where the winner will be announced at the World Travel Market (WTM), taking place in London in November 2018.

Slovenian health resorts have always been connected with the preservation and restoration of health. In the last few decades their placement in the environment, natural factors and modern professional approach have also made them places for self-discovery. Wellness with pampering, relaxation and treatment programmes are supplemented by ‘selfness’ programmes, where selfness is a lifestyle which puts physical and mental health, and good energy at the centre.

The two-year Healthy Waters project by the Slovenian Tourist Board has propelled Slovenia to become a finalist for the Best in Wellness award, which revolves around ever ything from the development to promotion of the country as a leading wellness destination. The Healthy Waters project is part of Slovenia’s 2017–2021 Strategy for Sustainable

Growth, which has highlighted spa tourism as a key pillar for national tourism development.

Indian, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and other age-old approaches to massages, peeling treatments, and exercise in nature are integrated into the services of all Slovenian health resorts. Furthermore, they also include meditation, detox, and exercise programs. A healthy approach to self can also be found in schools dealing with a healthy lifestyle, weight loss, and fasting.

One such form of wellness offered is ‘Selfness in the Forest’, that includes the restoration of personal strength combined with the minus ion effects and energy received from forests. Walks and exercise in the forests are naturally included, but so too are reflexology nature trails followed by resting in a hammock, complemented with all natural and organic locally produced culinary delights.

Another major promotion is the combination of golf with wellness. Female golfers love it, and male golfers are surprised about the impact on their performance. Another unique offering is the use of Glacier water in the pursuit of wellness. Tests have shown that due to the favourable conditions the water has become rich with minerals, with the ideal ratio of calcium and magnesium and a neutral pH.

Most unique of all however, is Slovenia as a world pioneer in the development of Apritourism or ‘Honeybee tourism’, within which ‘Apitheragy’ has been developed, which is a form of homeopathy that uses aromas from the beehive to help cure asthma and all sorts of respiratory problems. As a country that’s home to 9,600 beekeepers, 12,500 apiaries and nearly 170,000 hive colonies, Slovenia is the first, and as of yet, only country to certify Apitourism providers.