Product update

Seno Medical introduces Imagio device

Seno Medical, has won FDA approval to introduce its Imagio device that utilizes opto-acoustic imaging to help physicians identify whether breast lesions are benign or malignant. It is hoped that this non- invasive and radiation-free technology will help to reduce the number of biopsies that have to be performed.

Opto-acoustic imaging combines ultrasound with laser optics to provide a combined view of tissue anatomy and the blood øow around it. Cancerous lesions commonly exhibit a high density of newly formed blood vessels (angiogenesis) and a lower oxygen saturation compared with surrounding tissues. The Imagio system offers a look at thesenparameters in real time and radiologists, trained and certiöed to have a keen eye and with the help of accompanying AI software called SenoGram, should be able to differentiate between malignant and benign breast lesions in many cases.