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Right Health teams up with Sharjah SLSDA to offer health check-ups

Right Health, the largest and fastest-growing value healthcare provider in the region teamed up with Sharjah Labour Standards Development Authority (SLSDA) to conduct free health checkups for the UAE’s blue-collar workers on the occasion of International Workers’ Day, commemorated on May 1 every year. The camp was held in the Industrial area of Al Sajja.

As a gesture of goodwill to acknowledge the contribution of these workers to building the nation’s economy, SLSDA set up medical tents and conducted health awareness sessions over a four-day period from May 1 to 4, 2019. Right Health’s trained staff comprising doctors and nurses facilitated the outreach. Some of the check-ups offered to the workers included blood pressure and diabetes screening, and measuring the body mass index (BMI), as well as complimentary medical consultations. In 2018, SLSDA’s International Workers’ Day initiative attracted over 10,000 workers.

His Excellency Salem Yousif Al Qaseer, Chairman of the Sharjah Labour Standards Development Authority, expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the Authority’s strategic partners, such as Right Health, and their contribution to the society by providing free medical examinations for workers. He stressed that many partners from the public and private sectors were quick to contribute to support the celebration of Workers Day by providing various types of services to the workers, in addition to the awareness and education campaigns and technical and entertainment programs.

Speaking on the collaboration, Shainoor Khoja, Chief Impact Officer of Right Health, said: “SLSDA is one of the foremost public sector authorities in the country that is engaged in improving the work conditions and the quality of life of workers through its projects. In particular, the Authority makes sustained efforts to ensure access to healthcare for all residents. An ongoing initiative since 2016, such community initiatives are a prime example of its efforts to benefit this segment of the population.”