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New Merivaara Q-Flow surgical light aims to reduce risk of hospital infections

Merivaara Corp., a Finnish provider of hospital furniture and operating room systems, is launching a new surgical light, Merivaara Q-Flow™. Q-Flow surgical light improves the working environment in operating rooms as well as offers a new way to reduce the risk of infections. Designed and manufactured in Finland, Q-Flow was developed to
fulfil the needs of the modern surgical team. It offers improvements on many standard features in the industry as well as radical innovations.
“I believe this is one of the very best operating theatre lights in the whole world,” said CEO Markku Aherto. “We are very excited about this excellent product.”
The light gives superb colour rendering, particularly in red and skin shades, which make the product perfect for a variety of surgeries such as internal or plastic surgery. The Q-Flow gives a very deep c o l u m n o f l i g h t a n d d y n a m i c o b s t a c l e compensation, so if the surgeon bends over her patient sensors brighten other LEDs to reduce
Moreover, the light has sterile intuitive controls. The Q-Flow displays simple user instructions onto the
operating table so the surgeon does not have to look up. One of the most ground-breaking features is the way
it improves hygienic conditions in the operating theatre. Standard operating room lights create turbulence intensity, acting like an aircraft wing to pull particulates in the air right over the patient. Merivaara’s designers shaped the Q-Flow as a series of concentric circles with open spaces in between. This improves laminar air flow so sterile conditions are maintained and the risk of infection is reduced. According to the DIN 1946-4:2008 standard the
turbulence intensity should be below 37.5% but the Q-Flow boasts 15.9%.
The Q-Flow is a part of the Merivaara Fluent™ concept, which enhances the usability of operating rooms. This includes an intuitive user interface which works across a variety of devices, such as QFlow, operating tables and an integrated operating system.
The new Q-Flow surgical light was showcased on the Merivaara stand during Arab Health 2017 in Dubai, UAE