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New dental practice puts patient education before treatment

The secrets to healthy teeth are education and prevention, according to the CEO of a new dental practice that promises to be a ‘different kind of dentist’. Dr. Per Rehnberg and his team of specialists believe they can quickly become the number one practice in the emirate by taking a different approach to oral hygiene that is based on patient education and understanding, rather than expensive and invasive treatments.

Snö opened its modern looking flagship dental hub, late last year, offering state-of-the-art technology, including 3D X-rays, full 3D scanning and printing, computerised anaesthetic and a fully digital lab.

Dr. Per, who holds more than three decades of experience and has led practices in his home country of Sweden as well as Denmark and Norway, admits the Snö strategy may risk it going out of business, but believes it is the best way to prevent dental problems and ensure their patients stay healthy.

He explained: “Before we opened we carried out a lot of research to see what kind of dental service was currently being offered in the UAE, including doing some ‘mystery shopping’ ourselves. We believe that by focusing on improving our patients understanding of good oral hygiene rather than just carrying out expensive treatments we can very quickly make a big difference for our patients.

“We want to actually share the 3D images with patients and explain it to them. We want to educate patients on not just how to clean your teeth better, but why, and we even encourage them to get second opinions from other clinics.

“Improving our patients’ understanding of dental care and helping them prevent problems that need treatment does not make sense from a business perspective, but we believe this is how a dental practice should be run and we are confident our patients will appreciate the overall standard of care we will provide for them & their families.”

Snö Dental’s hub in Delma Street is a four-storeyed 1,300 sq m clinic with 13 ergonomic, individually housed Planmeca dental chairs enabling multiple specialists to treat more patients. The practice boasts 26 staff, including a senior team of vastly experienced specialists from around the world, enabling them to offer evidence-based treatment.

Dr Gun Norell, who has worked in dentistry in various parts of the world for over 30 years, is also a great believer in preventative methods. She has moved to the capital from Dubai where she was a pioneer of the Inman Aligner treatment, which can reduce the amount of treatment needed to gain straight teeth.

Dr Gun said: “The Inman Aligner is a great example of how our approach to patient care is minimally invasive. It reduces and even replaces the need for drilling and veneer insertion, which can often lead to future root canal problems as the teeth are made weaker when they are drilled into. By offering minimally invasive treatments and methods, we are aiming to stick to our values of Superior, Gentle and Trusted, which we think all of our patients will see the benefit of very quickly.”