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National Health Survey results officially announced

The Ministry of Health and Prevention announced the official results of the national health survey approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), during a media briefing organized at the Ministr y’s headquarters in Dubai.

In this context, His Excellency Abdulrahman Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention, stated that the national health survey outcomes have significant indications and outputs, which support the country’s ambitions, as well as the directions of the wise government within the framework of the sustainable strategy of various essential sectors, including the health sector to provide health, well-being and happiness for the UAE population.

“The outcome of this survey will help update the results of several strategic health indicators, and promote programmes of national health planning and policies, in addition to exploring the healthcare future, to achieve the UAE Vision 2021 aiming to adopt a world-class health system and objectives of the Sustainable Development 2030 to boost the competitiveness index of the UAE in the global fields,” Al Owais added.

The health survey was based on a standard questionnaire that includes vital indicators that are relevant to health of the society, such as individuals’ health behaviors, their food habits and risk factors, indicators of healthcare services utilization, health expenditure, and vital signs such as diabetes, blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. These indicators are collected to know the current status in order to reduce non-communicable diseases risk factors, morbidity, and mortality and hence, improve healthy life expectancy.