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Jordanian researcher creates device for early breast cancer detection

A Jordanian researcher has created a device that can be used by individuals for early breast cancer detection, according to a statement by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD).

Believing in “the importance of stimulating scientific and technological innovation by members of society”, researcher Tasnim Harahisha developed the device out of a desire to find practical solutions to the problems and needs of local communities.

Harahisha’s invention is one of many that the KAFD has funded, the statement said.

Her participation in the Applied Scientific Research Project, which allows researchers to work on inventions funded by the KAFD, led to the invention of the early detection device, which facilitates breast cancer detection without the need for a biopsy.

“The small device, which helps women conduct a self examination at home, is extremely easy to use and will save
time, effort and huge costs,” Harahisha said.

The researcher highlighted the KAFD’s role in “providing the necessary tools to carry out the research and in networking her ideas with a number of specialised experts”, according to the statement.

Through the Applied Scientific Research Project, the fund invests in the capabilities and energies of young people and motivates researchers who have applied research ideas or proven applied scientific output, KAFD said in the statement.

Innovative solutions to challenges facing local communities, and especially those that contribute to providing employment opportunities in the areas of applied research, are welcomed in the project, according to the statement.