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Ion Shield launches first of its kind Smart Sterilization Gate Technology

Ion Shield, in partnership with Soghan Energy, announced recently that it has brought to market the first-of-its-kind Smart Sterilization Gate, a chemical-free access point management solution that combats the spread of infectious diseases in public spaces.

Ion Shield is a local initiative that aims to provide revolutionary solutions utilizing proven and sustainable technology to promote public safety. It strives to launch a number of inventions that enhance the standards of living in the country as well as the world, and combines the best of Emirati ambition, sustainability, and innovation.

Designed and manufactured in the UAE, the Ion Shield Smart Sterilization Gate uses artificial intelligence-enabled thermal imaging and chemical-free ionization technology that mimics the disinfection process found in nature. It is certified to provide touch-free, instant disinfection in an innovative way. It is a significant development for the UAE’s facilities of public transport, aviation, education, and events, including trade shows, concerts, sports events, and other public gatherings.

Commenting on the release of the revolutionary solution, Nasser Lootah, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Soghan Energy, said that the Ion Shield Smart Sterilization Gate could be a significant gamechanger in the post-COVID world, adding: “This innovative product is in line with the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to improve the well-being and maintain a high quality of life for people in the UAE. We are proud to support local initiatives that make a difference in people’s lives, and help us return to normalcy.”

Deployment of the Ion Shield Smart Sterilization Gate in public places and buildings could allow people to go out as they did before the advent of COVID-19. It can be used to protect against the outbreak of any infectious disease, as it helps combat all types of bacteria, and viruses.

The Ion Shield Smart Sterilization Gate works in a three-step process. As a person walks towards the gate, infra-red thermal imaging checks their temperature and automatically alerts security in the event of it being too high. As they step into the gate, instant sterilization technology creates a dense field of charged air ions that are found naturally. These chemical-free, charged air ions instantly attach to viruses and bacteria, making them ineffective and too heavy to remain airborne and they drop to the floor. This entire process occurs as the person walks through the gate, which also purifies and provides clean air to the surroundings.

With the development of the Ion Shield Smart Sterilization Gate, the UAE are again showing leadership in exploring proven and innovative technologies in new ways that could assist in the battle against the impacts of COVID-19 and other viral and bacterial outbreaks in future. It follows the successful deployment of DPI testing technology, contact tracing apps and the UAE’s much-lauded nationwide vaccination program. The Ion Shield Smart Sterilization Gate has the potential to help restore normality and aid the re-opening effort, as it is suitable for venues and events with large crowds where the speed of sterilization is important.

The instant sterilization system is developed for rapid deployment, has minimum infrastructure requirements, seamlessly integrates with existing systems and is compliant with all environmental and safety standards. Ion Shield is also developing other new and revolutionary applications based on medically proven disinfection and sterilization technologies for businesses as well as for households.