Health Insights Asia to invest $3.5mln in digital healthcare solutions

Health Insights Asia, a company specializing in medical systems management programs, has announced its plan to invest $3.5m next year.
The company’s CEO, Nasser Shahata, said that the investment would focus on developing digital medical applications, solutions, and devices and supporting research, development, and training programs for human resources.
Shahata also said that the company had signed agreements with several private hospitals in Malaysia and Southeast Asia to implement and activate the “Medica CloudCare” system to improve healthcare quality, enhance hospital operational efficiency, reduce healthcare costs, and provide competitive medical services for all patients.
He explained that the Medica CloudCare system would help hospitals support medical tourism by providing a robust and upgradable infrastructure. The system would also help transform the medical facilities in Malaysia and Southeast Asia into smart hospitals, enabling them to offer more efficient and cost-effective healthcare while meeting the needs of the international market.
Shahata revealed in previous press statements that Health Insights Asia planned to establish a factory in Egypt soon for manufacturing medical devices for diagnosing heart diseases.
The factory’s anticipated commencement in January comes with considerations regarding the investment cost, as noted by Shahata. With an investment of approximately $70 million since its inception in 2012, the company remains committed to providing innovative solutions for digital transformation in healthcare. This aligns with its overarching strategy to support the environmental and economic sustainability of medical institutions.