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E-commerce startup launches new health category, a Dubai-based lifestyle and healthcare tech startup, has announced the launch of organic health products, catering specifically to the health-conscious population seeking healthier product options.

According to Mintel, global market research company, the approximate retail space stocking organic products in UAE has increased by 60 per cent over the last four years. souKare’s recent product addition leverages the growing trend for organic products in the UAE by offering customers more ways to purchase these products.

In addition, has also introduced a number of major health centric brands that focus on sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, vegan and other specific dietary needs products. Whether it be Organic Green bars to Raw Organic Plant Protein from Garden of Life, Slim & Active from Z&M Nutrition, or Atkins’ well known Advantage Protein bars, souKare not only offers a seamless purchase experience but also ensures they are transported to the recipient with extreme care.

According to Faraz Khan, Founder of souKare, ” We believe that diversifying and elevating our product portfolio is what our customers expect of us. We are delighted to continue providing the latest organic products to ensure our customers have access to the best and healthiest products to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

In addition to providing organic fitness products in the UAE and KSA, also provides express shipping for international customers across the world, with most countries qualifying for free shipping. With its commitment of “For a better you” to its customers, this e-commerce platfor m continues to enable customers to see well and live well, with its wide product selection, low prices & purchase convenience.

Khan added, “This enhancement of our product portfolio is aligned with our vision of being the expert one stop shop for our customers for healthcare online, particularly through our quick and efficient delivery options. We aim to change the way customers purchase lifestyle and healthcare products, and to ultimately become a leading Healthcare Tech player in the region and beyond”.