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DHA to combat counterfeit drugs with ‘track and trace’ system

Dubai Health Authority, DHA, will start implementing a new system mid next year to monitor medications manufactured in the UAE and overseas from the production line to prescription.

The ‘track and trace’ system will help combat potential counterfeit medication and ensures accuracy and credibility with regards to insurance claims for dispensing medications, the authority said in an announcement, adding that it said already started discussions with big manufacturing and supplying pharmaceutical companies to implement the system.

The system will also contribute to improving the management of medication inventory in Dubai and helps avoid any medication shortage.

DHA is the first health authority in the UAE to adopt this system, and it complements the barcoding system the authority adopted in 2017. The track and trace system aims to achieve the highest standards of safety and quality.

Humaid Al Qutami, Director-General of the DHA that the authority prioritizes pharmaceutical services and so spares no effort in developing pharmaceutical services by adopting the latest technologies and smart systems to ensure the safety and supply of medication as this directly affects the treatment journey of patients and their wellbeing.

Al Qutami highlighted some of the latest smart technologies and systems adopted for pharmaceutical services including the barcode smart system. The DHA was the first in the UAE to adopt the system in 2017, which aims to ensure the safety of patients by giving each medicine a barcode, hence reducing the chances of any mistakes when dispensing medication.

The authority has adopted a smart system that monitors the cold chain of pharmaceuticals to preserve the quality and safety of the medication.

The DHA has also launched a number of smart pharmacies across its facilities for dispensing and prescribing medication.

Dr Ali Al Sayed, the Director of the Pharmaceutical Services Department at the DHA said the DHA constantly works on developing its pharmaceutical services to provide quality services for patients and to achieve customer satisfaction.