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Companion Medical upgrades its InPen system

Companion Medical, Inc. recently announced the addition of new features to the InPen system further increasing its utility for InPen users and their healthcare providers. Companion also launched its API which enables the sharing of insulin data from the InPen system with other diabetes management platforms.

“The InPen system was developed to bring better tools, technologies, and choices to people with diabetes and their healthcare providers.  The updates to the InPen system more fully deliver on the potential of smart pen technology which better integrates diabetes data making managing diabetes easier,” said Mike Mensinger, CTO at Companion Medical.

The new app features include pairing support for multiple InPens, for those who, for example, need a pen at home and one at work, a Today Widget which simplifies access to the most recent injection data, and expanded glucose integration for Android users of the InPen App.

Also available is an enhancement of the Insights by InPen report. The Insights by InPen report integrates insulin, glucose, and carbohydrate data in a simple, easy to read report that can be sent directly from the user’s phone to their healthcare provider.  The Insights by InPen update will provide additional visual data including long-acting insulin timing, multiple pen support, enhanced missed dose reporting, and bolus dose decision reporting.

The new InPen app and Insights by InPen report are now available for both iOS and Android.