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Kalbe inaugurates drugs ingredients and biological products factory

Indonesia’s PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Kalbe) through its subsidiary, PT Kalbio Global Medika (KGM) inaugurated a drugs ingredients and biological products factory that is located in Cikarang. The drug ingredients and biological product factory has obtained the certificate of Good Active Drug Ingredients Manufacturing Methods (CPBBAOB) and Good Drug Manufacturing Methods (CPOB) from the Food and Drugs Monitoring Body (BPOM) and its products are ready to be marketed by the end of 2018.

“The inauguration of this drug ingredients and biological product factory is the form of Kalbe’s commitment to take initiative and encourage the creation of integrated pharmaceutical industry, specifically in the form of ingredients independence, mastery of technology, and an increase of exports,” said Vidjongtius, President Director of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk. “We hope Kalbe can provide larger contributions for the availability of quality drugs and healthcare products in order to improve the health of the Indonesian people,” Vidjongtius continued.

The total early investment of KGM, PT Kalbio Global Medika (KGM) is at Rp. 500 billion to construct the production facility, and allocation of Rp. 200 billion for research and development, as well as technological transfer from China and South Korea.

KGM will manufacture Erythropoietin (EPO) product that is crucial in dialysis and cancer medication. The product is geared to fulfill the domestic needs and is planned to be exported for the ASEAN market and a number of other countries. Aside of Erythropoietin, KGM will also produce Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor (GCSF), a medication to increase the production of granulocyte and product with a new molecule, Efepoietin (Long Acting EPO) which shall function to stimulate the forming of the red blood cells. Furthermore it is planned to produce insulin and a number of MAb (Monoclonal Antibody) products for cancer medication.

“In the operations of the drug ingredients and biological product factory, Kalbe is also preparing manpower who are competent in the fields of biotechnology and genetic engineering that is needed to develop and produce the biological product through a collaboration with I3L (Indonesia International Institute for Life Science),” Vidjongtius continued.

PT Kalbio Global Medika has the facility that produces biological drugs (biosimilar and bio-better) that is located at Delta Silicon Cikarang Industrial Estate on an area of 11,000 sqm. The factory has the advantage of most updated technological facilities, quality system and international-standard facilities, as well as its eco-friendliness.